extreme couponing

5 Tips to Save Big at the Grocery Store

July 10, 2013

EverydayFamily.com wanted me to write another post about my savvy shopping habits, and I’m sharing 5 more tricks with you in this post: 5 Savvy Shopping Tips for the Grocery Store Did you know that Target lets you stack coupons with their coupons? Read more tips here. How do you save money at the grocery […]

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Extreme Couponing for Organic and Natural Food

December 14, 2012
coupons for organic food

Extreme Couponing for Organic and Natural Food Extreme couponing for organic food is possible. I’ll show you how. A few days ago I saved $76 on my trip to the grocery store. I bought mostly organic, natural food and still saved that much. How did I do that? You have to get pretty creative, but […]

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Wordless Wednesday — Extreme Couponing, Organic Style

December 11, 2012
extreme couponing for organic food

Extreme Couponing It was about time to fill the fridge, and I had time for one of my extreme couponing trips today, so off I went. I buy mostly organic food and was still able to save $76 today. I tell you how in this post. Just in case you are not into couponing, here […]

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Extreme Couponing: Oil Change and a Haircut

October 9, 2011

Yep, I love coupons. I love paying less for everything. Last Friday was a very successful couponing day — but this time not for food. I finally got the overdue oil change for my car. Because I had a coupon from those envelopes full of them you get mailed home, it only cost me $19. […]

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