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5 Reasons I Love Thrifting and You Will, Too

July 21, 2013
I love thrifting

Why I Love Thrifting You’ve never been to a flea market? You don’t stop for yard sales? Oh, you don’t know what you’re missing! After moving to one of the most expensive areas in America, Westchester, NY, and wanting to stay home with my little son instead of putting him into daycare, I had to […]

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Weekend Yard Sale Junking and Lasdon Park’s Antique Show

May 28, 2012

On Saturday, Landon and I found a yard sale and I scored these fun things: The two shelves were only $3 together, and the box full of little wooden chairs, the cookie cutters, and the four cloth napkins just $1 each. Not bad for $6, right? I’m already buying things for the gift baskets I […]

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Not Me! Monday — Little Prince Who Lost His Crown

October 24, 2011
Mckmama- Not Me Monday

I’ve outgrown my current hosting company and am moving to another one. Dagmar’s momsense might act a little funny. Fear not — I’ll be back ASAP! We did NOT have Landon’s 5th birthday party a week early because the gymnastics place we liked didn’t offer parties that day: L did NOT fly: L did NOT […]

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Dagmar’s Yard Sale Finds: The Big Haul

October 23, 2011

It’s never boring to take a drive with Mama on a Saturday. One might come home with a humongous pinboard over one’s head. This morning, Landon and I went to the Multiples Tag Sale in Yorktown. These moms have everything twice, or even three times, and have a lot of stuff to get rid of. […]

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