Amazing: One Man Les Miserables Medley by Nick Pitera

January 25, 2013

Just watch. You’re welcome :) If the screen doesn’t start, you can also find it here:

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My Video of 2012: What a Year It Has Been…

December 12, 2012
Tiny Prints Christmas

I created a video last night for three hours about my 2012. It certainly was a fun-filled but also trying year for the Bleasdales. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Consider it my holiday card to you. (Pardon the typo, there was no way to go back and fix it. And it was 2:30AM and I […]

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Hilarious BlogHer’12 Video — Do You Know These Bloggers?

August 10, 2012

Diane Mizota made this video about BlogHer’12, enlisting the help of many of my blogging buddies. How fun is this? I can’t stop watching it. And now I’m thinking, maybe I should’ve checked out the BlogHer parties? I was rearranging my blog categories while the ladies where getting tipsy at Sparklecon — what is wrong […]

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“Poopy Coming!” YouTube Video of Landon Gets 12,200 Hits

April 18, 2012

Just by accident I noticed that one of the videos of Landon that I downloaded to YouTube has received – gasp – over 12,200 hits so far. What are people searching for that they are finding this video? LOL Oh, how little L was. He hadn’t had his first haircut yet, which was traumatic for […]

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