Vern Yip

Vern Yip and I Talk Interior Design and Cork Flooring

October 16, 2014
Vern Yip apartment

My Tour of Vern Yip’s NYC Apartment A few months ago I was invited to meet designer and HGTV star Vern Yip and tour his NYC apartment. He worked together with the Portuguese Cork Flooring Association (APCOR) and redesigned his NYC apartment with a fashion-forward combination of cork flooring, along with beautiful fabrics and fresh paint […]

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Wordless Wednesday — Meeting Vern Yip!

July 30, 2014
Vern Yip and Dagmar Bleasdale

I’m posting Wordless Wednesday a day late because yesterday I was in New York City to interview HGTV star Vern Yip in his Manhattan apartment! Squeal! He just updated his apartment with beautiful, sustainable cork flooring, and I learned a lot of new things about the advantages of cork. I also found out that his […]

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