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Silk Almondmilk Helps Me With My Plant-Based Diet

March 9, 2014
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I’m a vegetarian, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m eating enough vegetables. Truth be told, I’m eating too many carbs, actually. A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was doing a pretty intense whole-food cleanse, and I haven’t found the time to tell you yet how it went! I did make it through two […]

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Info on Top Vegetarian Mom and Our Extreme Juice Fast

February 12, 2012

Update: I made the Top 25 Vegetarian Mom Blogs list! To be on this list is a big deal — the Top 25 will be presented to Circle of Moms’ 6 million members. Healthy living is very important to me and encompasses avoiding plastic, food dyes, gene-manipulated (GMO) food, and eating organic, vegetarian food. As […]

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Our Healthier Lifestyle And Why We Became Vegetarians

January 27, 2012

I made the list — thank you for your votes! Top 25 Vegetarian Moms 2012 Why are my husband and I vegetarians? Here is our story: When my husband suddenly got so sick two years ago that he couldn’t dress himself on some days because his whole body was in so much pain, we frantically […]

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Healthy Changes in Our Home: Raw Honey, Gluten-Free Foods, and Natural Skin Care

January 27, 2011

I haven’t blogged about Don’s health and how we are doing with out kinder, vegetarian diet in many months — my last post was written about week 11! It’s now week 55. One of the reasons why I haven’t blogged about it is that Don’s health slowly improved every week, without help from drugs. He […]

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