Wordless Wednesday — Tonsils Gone, Bring on the Fun!

February 23, 2011

Two weeks ago Landon had surgery to have his tonsils removed and wasn’t allowed to go to school for a week or jump and run around for two, so we made plans to have a lot of fun after that. We are planning three trips: one to the mall, one to an indoor playground, and […]

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Tonsillectomy: Caring for Your Child After Surgery

February 8, 2011

I already blogged about Landon’s surgery day and I wanted to let you know how he is doing after his tonsillectomy. We are on Day 3 of his recovery and I better write this all down before I forget. Since we are stuck at home and don’t do much more than watch television and read […]

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Sleep Apnea or Tonsillectomy, What’s a Mother to Choose?

January 16, 2011
Peter Ponsil Lost his Tonsil

The surgery has been scheduled for February 2. Landon is going to have his tonsils taken out. After months of agonizing about this and trying different things and seeing three different doctors and a holistic practitioner, we don’t really have a choice — his huge, swollen tonsils have to go, and unfortunately that means surgery […]

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