The Kind Diet

Our Kinder, Vegetarian Diet: Week 11

March 27, 2010

After my first post about this, and many inquiries about how things are going, I wanted to finally give you an update on our kinder, more vegetarian diet. We started changing things in our kitchen mostly because Don got sick with some kind of inflammatory illness five months ago, and since he got no diagnosis […]

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Our Kinder, Vegetarian Diet: Week 1

January 13, 2010

It’s been about a week that we dramatically changed things here in the Bleasdale kitchen. After reading Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Diet and watching the DVD Eating and the movie Food Inc., Don decided that he wants to radically change his eating habits to hopefully get rid of the pain he has been in for […]

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Cupcakes and Collard Greens

January 3, 2010

Today was a great, fun-filled, nesting day. I didn’t exactly get to sleep in, but I was exited to get up and finally check out Gossett’s Farm Market in South Salem, which features a lot of organic produce and products. My friend Heather, who blogs at Katonah Green, organizes events there, and since Don and […]

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Not So Wordless Wednesday

December 31, 2009

Is it Wednesday? I had to check, but yes, it apparently is. I have been so frazzled the last few days because I haven’t been getting enough sleep. I worked many long nights, but the editing project I have been working on for over a month is finally sent off. Yay! And as is usually […]

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