The Doctors

Who Helped You Learn How to Breastfeed?

August 29, 2009
Landon at four months. Little Buddha.

Breastfeeding definitely needs to be learned, it doesn’t come easy to most women. It took me two sleepless, painful weeks and visits to two lactation specialists to get the hang of it. The first one was useless, the second a godsend. I credit Corky Harvey (MS, RN, IBCLC) for my breastfeeding success and the fact […]

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I Spoke to “The Doctors” — Dr. Travis Stork & Dr. Sears

August 26, 2009
Dr. Travis Stork

I was invited by and CBS Television to participate in a conference call with Dr. Travis Stork (remember him from “The Bachelor”?) and pediatrician Dr. James “Jim” Sears today. What an honor since his The Baby Book and his parent’s The Breastfeeding Book and The Attachment Parenting Book are some of my absolute favorite! […]

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