Mommy’s Lazy Day

May 4, 2010

After a lazy morning playing with our little son in bed, my husband took him to see his cousin play college baseball somewhere two hours away. I don’t inquire — I don’t care for baseball. Or football. Especially if the game is that far away. Supposedly that changes when you have your own son play […]

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Our Fake Christmas Tree 2009

December 20, 2009

As always, I was going to buy a real Christmas tree this year, but I ended up with a fake one. Why? Because frugal me saw the price on the kind of tree I wanted — medium height, thick branches, preferably in a pot so I don’t have to buy a stand and can plant […]

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14 Ways to Save Money and Be Green

November 14, 2009
L swing Nov 09

It’s time for another frugal entry. Here are just a few money-saving tricks I use, and some of them not only save you green, they also let you BE green: 1. We just moved, and I didn’t pay a cent for moving boxes (and we needed a lot of them). I asked for free ones […]

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Happy Halloween From a Little Fireman!

November 1, 2009
L hal 08

This is what Landon wore last year: of course he had to be Donald Duck, because Daddy’s name is Donald! I absolutely adore this costume. This year I found a fireman costume for him at Target. I didn’t want a mask or a hard hat for him, so this was perfect. He loved being a […]

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