9 Clever Kids Room Ideas for Creative Kids

August 18, 2014
creative kids room ideas,

Kids Room Ideas for Creative Kids Do you have a creative kid, or do you wish your child was more creative? Landon isn’t one of those kids who sits down and draws for hours, but when I offer him some colored pencils or stickers, he gets interested in being creative. I firmly believe that when […]

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My Interview About Attachment Parenting on Yes and Yes

February 8, 2014

Have you ever wondered about attachment parenting? Sarah from Yes and Yes asked me to write about my experience with attachment parenting for her True Stories interviews, and I was thrilled to answer her questions. I don’t get to write about attachment parenting, (extended) breastfeeding, or bed sharing much anymore now that L is 7 […]

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Moms, Trust Your Instincts and Tune Out Unsolicited Advice

November 29, 2011

My latest post for the Million Moms Challenge just got posted! Here is an exert: Everybody seems to have an opinion these days. How do you handle all the parenting advice that is given to you by outside sources? When I got pregnant, I did what worked for me: I wanted to try to have […]

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Tips For Preparing Kids for Preschool

September 6, 2011
tips for preschool separation anxiety

Help your child have a great first day in preschool! I remember the day Landon started preschool. I had prepared him quite a bit and here are a few tips to minimize the separation anxiety that worked well for us: Visit the preschool/kindergarten with your child before the first day. Don’t sneak out on your […]

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