New York

Wordless Wednesday With Linky: Freedom Tower

November 12, 2014
Freedom Tower, Manhattan, New York City

Freedom Tower and September 11 Museum I’m posting my Wordless Wednesday post late because my mom and brother are visiting from Germany. Our days are filled spending time with them, showing them around, and yummy meals. Today, on Veteran’s Day, we all drove to New York City. We walked the High Line and then went […]

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Our Fun Day in Peekskill, NY

May 19, 2014

Another beautiful spring weekend in Westchester, NY! I hope you all had great weather where you are. Have you ever visited Peekskill, NY? It’s only 30 minutes away from us but I only drive there maybe once a year. L’s big dance recital was today at Peekskill’s Paramount Theater, and we ended up spending half […]

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Road Trip to Millbrook for Antiques and Berry Cobbler

November 8, 2013
Millbrook Antiques Mall, NY

My mom came to visit from Germany and our days were packed, so it was hard to get any blogging done. I’m instagramming so much that I figure the whole world knows what’s going on in our life every five minutes, but that’s not the case, of course. I meant to post this a week […]

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Wordless Wednesday With Linky: Cold Spring Brunch

October 1, 2013
Hudson Hil

I love it when Don asks “Want to go to Cold Spring?” on Sundays. My answer is always “Yes!” It means breakfast at our favorite place, Hudson Hil’s, and then Don and L head past the train station toward the Hudson River to watch the water and the boats. Or to get their shoes wet. […]

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