Hilarious Spam Comments

February 20, 2011

Most of the spam I get on my blog gets caught by Akismet or WP-SpamFree, but some of them still make it through. Once in a while I check the spam folder for the occasional comment that isn’t a spam comment but one from my readers, and that’s when I come across the craziest, funniest […]

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Netiquette: How to Deal With Unkind Blog Comments

January 4, 2011
netiquette, how to deal with unkind blog comments,

I received what I consider an unkind blog comment regarding my blog post about Facebook Deleting the Leaky Boob Support Group for Breastfeeding Moms. Now, there are five ways I could have responded: delete it — because it’s just unkind, in my opinion and because I can — this is MY blog approve it and […]

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