Our Trip to Nantucket: Day 3 — The Wedding

June 27, 2010

Exploring Nantucket in the morning… (with my sister-in-law, sans husbands and kids who all went to the beach) …and enjoying the beach wedding in the afternoon: JJ’s dog Randall ran straight into the water of the little pond once he got to the beach… We all just gasped, but bride and groom didn’t mind. Congratulations, […]

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Our First Trip to Nantucket: Day 2

June 26, 2010

Our second day on Nantucket was a blast as well. After waking up pretty early, before 8, we ate some breakfast with the kids and then walked the 1 1/2 miles to the beach. I had to lug Landon half the way — the next time I know to bring a stroller to Nantucket. Landon […]

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Our First Trip to Nantucket: Day 1

June 25, 2010

Four kids in a van, a five-hour drive (without air-conditioning, and it was HOT), then two hours on the ferry — our trip to Nantucket went pretty well, considering. Landon took a nap in the car just when he was ready to have a melt-down about being strapped in, and the kids had a …

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