Landon’s 3rd Birthday Party and Frugal Tips

November 5, 2009

I am almost done with unpacking/repacking/shoving things under the bed. This place is starting to look like I want it to look — sans the drapes and the color on the wall in the living room. And oh, wouldn’t it be nice if I could get Don to finally fix that rod in my closet? […]

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Traveling With a Toddler — Day 4: Bremen, Music, and a Toad

July 8, 2009

Recounting the fourth day of our Germany trip. Please bear with me here, I have so many great pictures of this day. I hope you enjoy them! After eating a nice, cheap breakfast (Brötchen, Eier, Käse, and Marmelade) at a local supermarket restaurant with Nani and Opa (I inherited being frugal from my dad!)…  …Landon and Nani and I […]

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