Getting Ready for Santa . . .

December 25, 2009

In the last two days we got ready for Christmas and Santa’s appearance. We started with the little Christmas party they had at Landon’s preschool. Yummy, cupcakes for breakfast! After nothing but sugary treats, those 10 kids went bananas! Landon got to dance and play a little bit and then we left, because he usually […]

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Not Me! Monday — Dagmar’s Frugalitis

December 21, 2009

Attention, this Not Me! Monday post also serves as one of my frugal posts. I did not go to CVS to return some supplements, only to buy the same ones back — to save $16.44! No, not me! This is what happened — frugal folks, take note: A week ago, I bought two bottles of […]

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Our Fake Christmas Tree 2009

December 20, 2009

As always, I was going to buy a real Christmas tree this year, but I ended up with a fake one. Why? Because frugal me saw the price on the kind of tree I wanted — medium height, thick branches, preferably in a pot so I don’t have to buy a stand and can plant […]

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14 Ways to Save Money and Be Green

November 14, 2009
L swing Nov 09

It’s time for another frugal entry. Here are just a few money-saving tricks I use, and some of them not only save you green, they also let you BE green: 1. We just moved, and I didn’t pay a cent for moving boxes (and we needed a lot of them). I asked for free ones […]

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