I Don’t Like to Shop For Myself

August 7, 2009
L and Don pet store

My birthday is this month – I am a Leo, can you tell? – and Macy’s and GAP and Ann Taylor send me birthday cards with special sales coupons. So I actually ventured to the mall today, for once not with Landon to see the puppies and the dollar carousel but to see if I […]

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Are Mothers Who Choose Not to Breastfeed Selfish?

August 3, 2009
bf l 1 day

While pregnant or even before, every woman inevitably thinks about the topic of breastfeeding. Will I breastfeed my baby? For how long? I think most women have the best intentions and try to breastfeed and then stop after different periods of time – they might breastfeed a week, they make it through the rough first […]

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BlogHer, here I come!!!

July 25, 2009
D and D wedding

Well, next year. I just read a rumor on Twitter (yes, I have become a social media addict since I wrote this!) that the BlogHer conference will be in New York City next year. I am so exited! I was going to do my best to attend no matter where it takes place, but now I am […]

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