Wordless Wednesday With Linky – Key Largo Glass Bottom Boat Tour

September 2, 2015

We are back from our last-minute vacation in Hollywood, Florida. On one of the days, our friends, their three kids, and the three of us drove to Key Largo to go on a glass bottom boat tour. The place we went to also features the famous African Queen boat that was used in …

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Wordless Wednesday With Linky – LEGOs & Strawberry Fields

July 7, 2015

Are you wondering why I haven’t published a new “Thrifty & Vintage Finds” link party post? I’m in Germany with Landon, and our days are so filled with visits to friends and family that I lost track of the days. It’s midnight here, and we are flying back to New York tomorrow, after 10 days […]

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Wordless Wednesday With Linky — Greetings from Bremen

June 30, 2015

Greetings from Bremen, Germany! You probably know that I left my hometown to move to America when I was 23 years old. Landon and I are visiting my mom and brother and friends for 10 days right now. We usually come to visit once a year, but last year we didn’t because my mom and […]

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Wordless Wednesday With Linky — Doll Collection

June 17, 2015

This box was packed eight years ago, and moved four times — once across the country from Los Angeles to Westchester, NY, and three times in Westchester. The “L” on it means living room, and this was the eights box of about 100 I packed into two rented PODS in Los Angeles. Landon was six […]

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