Storytime and Craft Hour at the Library

September 19, 2009
lib 1

This is the first time in months that we have been to the free storytime and craft hour at the library. They just started the program again after the summer. The class was packed! At first, Miss Linda sings a few songs, and then she reads three books while the kids eat a snack. Landon […]

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Frugal Tip: Take Advantage of Your Local Library

September 6, 2009
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We owe $16 in library fees — we didn’t return the Elmo, Wiggles, Potty Power, and Trucks DVDs in time. Again. This is it — from now on we only take out one, maybe two DVDs at a time. Our library charges $2 for every day a DVD is late, which happens easily, especially if […]

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