last-minute Father’s Day gift

Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift: DIY Sharpie Art on a Plate

June 14, 2013
DIY Sharpie art,, Father

If you are still in need for a last-minute, easy Father’s Day gift the kids can make, permanent markers are your friends! Did you know that you can draw on a cup or a plate with Sharpies and then bake it to make your masterpiece permanent? That way Dad can enjoy his personalized gift for […]

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Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift: Printable Romance Coupons!

June 19, 2011

I just found these Romance Rewards Tickets and thought they are so pretty! Plus, if you forgot that tomorrow is Father’s Day and don’t have a gift for your husband – voila, just print these out for him! How cute is the “Doghouse Freebie”? I won’t tell that you found them here on Dagmar’s momsense […]

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