Co-Sleeping is Safe — When Practiced Responsibly

November 14, 2011

Posting a poster like this is just wrong and misleading: Co-Sleeping is Safe After seeing this horrific, misleading poster about co-sleeping that would disturb any parent, I just have to speak up in defense of co-sleeping and bedsharing. I already wrote about the safety of co-sleeping after being outraged about a similar poster. Co-sleeping is […]

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The Many Benefits of Extended Breastfeeding

October 24, 2010
many benefits of extended breastfeeding,

Or: Stuck in an Airport for 16 Hours With a Sick Child — How Extended Breastfeeding Saved the Day Well, I created quite a stir when I participated in the discussion “Breastfeeding in Public” in McKMama’s BlogFrog community when  I mentioned that I’m still breastfeeding an almost 4-year-old. My being so open about being an […]

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