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My Juice Cleanse: Day 2

February 20, 2012

I made it past Day 2 of my juice cleanse. Day 2 was a little easier than Day 1 because I was busier and we went for a steep, two-hour hike. And it was harder because Don and Landon had sandwiches right after the hike. Right in front of me. And in the evening we […]

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My Juice Cleanse: Day 1

February 19, 2012

I’m doing it: I made it past Day 1 on my juice cleanse. Inspired by Joe Cross’s Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead documentary, in which he documents his journey of only drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juice for 60 days, I started my own juice cleanse yesterday. Don is done with his seven days; I […]

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My Juice Cleanse: Trading Muffins for Kale and Carrots

February 17, 2012

Tonight, I made my healthy banana bran muffins. Tomorrow morning, this will be my breakfast: I’d like to enjoy more of those muffins, but I guess there never will be the perfect time to start this juice cleanse, so I’ve decided to start tomorrow. The local company who wanted me to try out their juice […]

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Info on Top Vegetarian Mom and Our Extreme Juice Fast

February 12, 2012

Update: I made the Top 25 Vegetarian Mom Blogs list! To be on this list is a big deal — the Top 25 will be presented to Circle of Moms’ 6 million members. Healthy living is very important to me and encompasses avoiding plastic, food dyes, gene-manipulated (GMO) food, and eating organic, vegetarian food. As […]

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