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5 Ways To Save Big On Moving Costs

August 4, 2013
5 tips to save on moving costs

Six years ago Don and I moved with our six-month-old son cross country from Los Angeles to New York, and it cost us $5,000. Yikes. We just moved again, into our Blue Cottage, and when I add up all the moving costs for this time, I get to about $200. How was I able to […]

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3 Parenting Tips: How to Raise Kids Who Love Nature

July 30, 2013

My latest blog post for is live. I wrote about raising kids who love nature. Is that important to you? How do you teach your kids about enjoying and taking care of the environment? My parents set a wonderful example, and being good to the earth was a way of life and simply expected […]

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3 Ideas to Get Your Kids Outside During Summer Break

July 18, 2013

Are your kids spending way too much time playing video games or watching TV during the summer break? Or whining that they are bored? Do you have a hard time getting your kids motivated to go outside? Here are 3 tips to motivate your kids to have fun outside that I compiled for Do […]

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5 Tips to Save Big at the Grocery Store

July 10, 2013
Dagmar wanted me to write another post about my savvy shopping habits, and I’m sharing 5 more tricks with you in this post: 5 Savvy Shopping Tips for the Grocery Store Did you know that Target lets you stack coupons with their coupons? Read more tips here. How do you save money at the grocery […]

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