Hometalk Feature: 20 Unexpected Wallpaper Uses

July 2, 2014
Hometalk: 20 wallpaper ideas curated by Dagmar

Hometalk Feature: 20 Unexpected Wallpaper Uses Hometalk asked me to curate another fun board, yay! Love that site. After I created a board full of creative bird feeders for them a while ago, they liked my post about using wallpaper and glue dots to update dresser drawers and asked me to curate a board with […]

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“DIY Animal Feeder Ideas” Clipboard I Created for Hometalk

June 24, 2013

As a DIY and interior design blogger, I of course adore Hometalk.com — the largest home and garden knowledge hub on the web. It’s fueled by the first-hand experience and advice of hundreds of thousands of home decorating enthusiast, bloggers, and professionals. Hometalk contacted me and told me they liked my easy pinecone bird …

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