Homeopathic RESCUE Pastilles are My Secret for Stress Relief

March 6, 2015
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Did you ever learn about an awesome product that worked so well that you couldn’t wait to tell everybody about it because you wanted everyone else to benefit from it? That’s how I feel about homeopathic Bach RESCUE. It’s my best-kept stress relief secret I don’t want to be a secret. In fact, I’ve been […]

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Landon’s Tonsillectomy: Day 1 — Surgery Day

February 6, 2011

Yesterday was the big day: Landon’s tonsillectomy. I’m going to share our experience here since I couldn’t find a lot of information written by parents about children’s tonsillectomies. I agonized about him having the surgery for many months, but his sleep apnea resulting from his swollen tonsils was something that couldn’t continue. He was gasping […]

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