Hiking in Westchester

Wordless Wednesday Linky: Turkey Mountain Hike

June 10, 2014

We hiked up Turkey Mountain in Yorktown two weekends ago. You couldn’t have asked for better weather, take a look. My little boy isn’t just a treehugger — he wanted to kiss the tree. The hike up the mountain takes about 30 minutes, and we were rewarded with a great view of Westchester on the […]

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Hiking Breakneck Ridge in Cold Spring

January 1, 2012

Breakneck. No kidding. Ah, a new year. Landon and I watched the ball drop at midnight and then went straight to bed. Don had fallen asleep in our bed 15 minutes earlier. Party pooper. I woke up after sleeping 10 hours next to my little boy. The sun was beaming into the windows and no […]

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