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Save Money And The Environment With The EkoBrew Filter

August 19, 2016
Green Gate Coffee mug

What’s your morning routine? This is how I start my day: with a cup of coffee. Usually I brew my first cup while I also make breakfast for Landon. Don is out of the house by then on most days. Today I actually sat down with a decor magazine I brought back from our trip […]

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Sunrun Answers Your Questions About Going Solar

September 30, 2014
going solar: Sunrun solar panels

Sunrun Solar Service Have you ever wondered about installing solar panels on your house? As someone who is passionate about green and sustainable living, I have. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could make your own electricity with the power of the sun? Solar has become so much more affordable by now;  in fact my […]

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Adelphi University Uses Ladybugs Instead of Pesticides

September 18, 2014

Ladybugs Instead of Pesticides You know how passionate I am about green and holistic living. I’m a mad recycler and a firm believer that there are natural ways to deal with illnesses — examples would be to simply use honey instead of over-the-counter cough medicine or arnica for bruising. There are so many holistic ways […]

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Why You Should Worry About Eating Gene-Manipulated Food

October 2, 2013
Eating Gene-Manipulated Food, GMOs,

I think messing with nature is a bad idea. Mess with a bee – get stung. Mess with crops by gene-manipulating them in a laboratory? There’s already a lot of evidence that this kind of farming has disastrous effects on our environment and our health. Need proof or just more information why it’s a good […]

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