Why You Should Worry About Eating Gene-Manipulated Food

October 2, 2013
Eating Gene-Manipulated Food, GMOs,

I think messing with nature is a bad idea. Mess with a bee – get stung. Mess with crops by gene-manipulating them in a laboratory? There’s already a lot of evidence that this kind of farming has disastrous effects on our environment and our health. Need proof or just more information why it’s a good […]

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4-H Group or Boy Scouts, Which One Would You Choose?

April 15, 2012

Boy Scouts or 4-H? The choice was easy for me. Landon started going to a 4-H group this week. We are meeting once a month right after kindergarten. My wonderful, creative girlfriend – a talented floral designer – organizes this new 4-H group, her two little girls (Landon’s “sisters”) are in the group, I have […]

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Our Kinder, Vegetarian Diet: Week 11

March 27, 2010

After my first post about this, and many inquiries about how things are going, I wanted to finally give you an update on our kinder, more vegetarian diet. We started changing things in our kitchen mostly because Don got sick with some kind of inflammatory illness five months ago, and since he got no diagnosis […]

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