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Co-Sleeping is Safe — When Practiced Responsibly

November 14, 2011

Posting a poster like this is just wrong and misleading: Co-Sleeping is Safe After seeing this horrific, misleading poster about co-sleeping that would disturb any parent, I just have to speak up in defense of co-sleeping and bedsharing. I already wrote about the safety of co-sleeping after being outraged about a similar poster. Co-sleeping is […]

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Co-Sleeping is Safe, For Kids and Kitten

June 7, 2011
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Co-Sleeping is Safe Yes, co-sleeping is safe, if you use precautions you would in any situation with your kids. I have co-slept with Landon for most of his life and am a hug fan of co-sleeping. L had a beautiful crib, but he hardly ever slept in it because it didn’t make sense to have […]

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3 Tips on How to Get Baby to Sleep Easily (and Yourself!)

January 27, 2009
how to get baby to sleep,

Three tips for getting your baby and yourself to sleep faster!

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