Airplanes, Legos, and Lots of Yummy German Food

June 28, 2013
boy looking at airplanes at the airport

After the stressful passport drama, Landon and I arrived in Germany two days ago. Don drove us to JFK airport and the flight to Duesseldorf was pretty uneventful except for an hour delay sitting in the airplane, but the wind was favorable and we got there in 6+ hours instead of 8. After we went […]

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A Sweet Surprise From Germany

April 3, 2011

Do you know what this means? Or this? This mean my mom sent one of her care packages from Germany. Full of German Hachez chocolate made in my hometown, Bremen. Being the recycling maven she is, she sent it in a box someone else had sent her and stuffed it with hay instead of that […]

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German Girl’s Ponderings

January 2, 2011

After discovering a whole site full of blogs written by expats and adding a category for German blogs or blogs written by Americans who now live in Germany to my blogroll, I’m kind of on a Germany kick. I never before considered making my being from Germany a big part of my blog, but why […]

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