easy DIY project

DIY Project: Monogram Lampshade

March 9, 2013

Want to impress your family and friends? Make a personalized monogram lampshade for your home or as a gift for someone special! This project might look involved, but it really isn’t — I made this lampshade for L in about half an hour. And the materials only cost me $25 — I found the lamp […]

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DIY Project: Endless Notepad Made With Receipt Paper Roll

February 28, 2013

I found 6 receipt paper rolls the other day in our office that we hadn’t touched in years and probably would never use. Since I can’t stand waste, I figured I better make something useful out of those receipt paper roll. Here is the tutorial for my DIY endless notepad. I bet you have most […]

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Easy DIY Project: Decorating With Colorful Packing Tape

September 27, 2012
Easy DIY project: decorating a box with colorful packing tape

I’m gearing up for an organizing project and have been collecting and saving all kinds of cans, boxes, and glass containers for it. The one that stood out was that round cookie container. I’m all about repurposing and recycling, but what’s the point of organizing if the end result doesn’t look cute? Decorating with duct […]

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