Landon’s 3rd Birthday Party and Frugal Tips

November 5, 2009

I am almost done with unpacking/repacking/shoving things under the bed. This place is starting to look like I want it to look — sans the drapes and the color on the wall in the living room. And oh, wouldn’t it be nice if I could get Don to finally fix that rod in my closet? […]

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Confessions of a Former Exercise Fan

April 20, 2009

Oh, the good old days, exercising while pregnant . . . Okay, I am getting fat. This is going in the wrong direction — summer is upon us! Aaah! My weight is okay, but I am just so out of shape! I am wearing the same four pants over and over again because I refuse […]

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Rebuilding My Blog, New Canon PowerShot, and Earth Day

April 20, 2009

I rebuilt my blog so it can also be viewed with Firefox, as best as I can. I am realizing the limitations of this template, and I am in the process of changing everything. Stay tuned… Don, Landon, and I went to Kensico Dam for an Earth Day festival today. It was smaller than I […]

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Thoughts About My Blog and

April 12, 2009

If you found me via Entrecard, welcome! I hope you enjoy my entries and will visit often. Subscribe to my blog for frequent updates!   I am not blogging just for family and friends; I want this blog to become a valued resource for mothers (and dads) with well-written articles. Sometimes I write about my […]

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