Why Spanking My Child is Not For Me

March 11, 2011

{This post was originally written for the NYC Moms Blog and posted November 01, 2009. This is an updated version.} My son is turning three in a couple of weeks, and the terrible threes have definitely descended upon us. I can’t complain, temper tantrums are rare, but lately he makes dressing him or getting him […]

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My Blog Post About Spanking, And Why It’s Not For Me

November 3, 2009
L Ram Hall

I was so busy getting the house ready and everything organized for the whole Bleasdale clan to come over for Landon’s third birthday party that I only now checked if my second NYC Moms Blog article is running. And sure enough, it was already published! It is called “Why Spanking is Not For Me,” and […]

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