Lamps Plus New Collection of Lamps in 60 Colors

December 7, 2012

Lighting is so important in interior design: getting it right makes for an inviting, comfortable feeling in a home, and not getting it right makes a place look uncomfortable or uninviting. I would know, because we still don’t have the right lighting in our place. It’s too dark in our house in the hallway, the […]

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7 Pretty DIY Paper Flowers and Easy Tutorials

September 22, 2012
DIY paper flower tutorial

{source} I have 74 Pinterest boards. I counted them, because I couldn’t believe the number on my Pinterest profile. Sure enough — I have 74 Pinterest boards. {source} I have one board just for paper flowers. Apparently I like paper flowers. I really do, but I have never made one. But I want to. They […]

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My Dream Home Has a Country Farmhouse Kitchen

April 29, 2012
farmhouse kitchen idea on

I already posted my idea for a dream shabby chic kitchen, but I don’t like just one decorating style: the rustic country farmhouse style is also high on my list. Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas Except for the lamps, I like about everything in this cute kitchen. If I had to pick just one thing, I’d want […]

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Check Out My New Home Decorating and DIY Page

January 16, 2012

I should have done this months ago: added a Decorating page to my blog. I had the hardest time to name this page. Do I call it Interior Design or Decorating? To me, Interior Design sounds stuffy and intimidating, so Decorating it is — for now. I don’t claim to be an interior designer, but […]

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