danger of GMO food

Why You Should Worry About Eating Gene-Manipulated Food

October 2, 2013
Eating Gene-Manipulated Food, GMOs, DagmarBleasdale.com

I think messing with nature is a bad idea. Mess with a bee – get stung. Mess with crops by gene-manipulating them in a laboratory? There’s already a lot of evidence that this kind of farming has disastrous effects on our environment and our health. Need proof or just more information why it’s a good […]

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The Danger of GMO and Why I Now Only Buy Organic Food

March 19, 2012

I’m suspicious of anything that messes with nature. I have yet so see evidence that we can improve upon what nature provides. I think if you manipulate something that is found in nature, you are asking for trouble. Don’t get me started on the Frankenstein cows they have created that product human breast milk! GMOs […]

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