Not Me! Monday — Dagmar’s Frugalitis

December 21, 2009

Attention, this Not Me! Monday post also serves as one of my frugal posts. I did not go to CVS to return some supplements, only to buy the same ones back — to save $16.44! No, not me! This is what happened — frugal folks, take note: A week ago, I bought two bottles of […]

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How to Save a Lot of Money at CVS and Other Drugstores

August 4, 2009
L mall

(This is the second installment of my “How to Save a Lot of Money at…” articles. Here is how I save a lot of money at supermarkets.) While Landon was in preschool for a few hours today, I went to CVS to finally get some pictures printed off of my camera – my parents in […]

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