The Joy of Raising a Bilingual Child

November 20, 2009
L bday smile

SMILE! Not, not like that! Aww, now I felt bad for having said something… Raising Landon to be bilingual in English and German is proving to be more of a challenge to accomplish than I thought. All you bilingual parents will understand what I am talking about, and I will go into more detail about […]

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Extended Co-Sleeping

September 13, 2009
L sleeping 2

Since we moved, I have been sleeping in Landon’s new big-boy twin bed with him. And Daddy is sleeping on the couch. Our new bedroom needed to be painted, so we don’t have our bed set up yet. I think that is going to finally happen tomorrow, since I finished painting the trim today. Honestly, […]

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How to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

July 2, 2009
tips to prepare child for preschool

Landon is now two years and eight months old, and today was his first day in preschool! Since our neighbors moved away — and with it my wonderful babysitter — I had to enroll him in preschool to have time to do my work from home. I would have preferred to bring a babysitter into […]

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