Mommy Bloggers and Their Depiction in the New York Times

March 17, 2010

At first I wasn’t going to chime in after reading Sunday’s the New York Times article “Honey, Don’t Bother Mommy. I’m Too Busy Building My Brand.” by Jennifer Mendelsohn. Then I read articles responding to it by other bloggers I respect and the many thought-provoking comments that were left. The mommy blogging word in is […]

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Thoughts About My Blog and

April 12, 2009

If you found me via Entrecard, welcome! I hope you enjoy my entries and will visit often. Subscribe to my blog for frequent updates!   I am not blogging just for family and friends; I want this blog to become a valued resource for mothers (and dads) with well-written articles. Sometimes I write about my […]

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You Can Now Subscribe to!

March 19, 2009

Yesterday at music class one of the moms told me she read my blog and noticed that she could not subscribe to it. Since I am doing all the background work for the blog myself, and I am not a programmer, I had not gotten around to figuring out how to add one. Plus, the […]

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Steve Pavlina Inspired Me to Start My Own Blog,

January 23, 2009
bed, book, vase

I finally started my own blog, I am going to share my thoughts on first-time mommyhood, natural birth, breastfeeding, green and frugal living, and much more!

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