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August 30, 2009
breastfeeding baby

Update: Sadly, this blog doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Kat Robertson, who blogs at For the Love of Chaos, contacted me and asked me to write a guest post for her other blog, Colloquy Moms, which she writes with her friend Shynea Hunter from PennyPinchingDiva. She gave me free reign — write anything about breastfeeding. […]

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Who Helped You Learn How to Breastfeed?

August 29, 2009
Landon at four months. Little Buddha.

Breastfeeding definitely needs to be learned, it doesn’t come easy to most women. It took me two sleepless, painful weeks and visits to two lactation specialists to get the hang of it. The first one was useless, the second a godsend. I credit Corky Harvey (MS, RN, IBCLC) for my breastfeeding success and the fact […]

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Are Mothers Who Choose Not to Breastfeed Selfish?

August 3, 2009
bf l 1 day

While pregnant or even before, every woman inevitably thinks about the topic of breastfeeding. Will I breastfeed my baby? For how long? I think most women have the best intentions and try to breastfeed and then stop after different periods of time – they might breastfeed a week, they make it through the rough first […]

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Co-Sleeping — My Experience and Guidelines

May 19, 2009
L sleeping 2

My niece invited all the Bleasdale women to New Hampshire to celebrate her bridal shower, and I was exited to go. L is 2 ½ now and I have never been away from him for a night. We practice attachment parenting and co-sleeping, meaning he sleeps in our bed. So going to the shower meant […]

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