bilingual parenting

Wordless Wednesday — Learning German

March 9, 2011

Our local library has new touch-screen computers and the other day L and I were playing with them. We clicked on a program that reads to the kids and guess what, one of the options was to see the story in German! Since I’m struggling to teaching L German, we’ll be visiting more often now […]

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Raising a Bilingual Child: Go Ahead, You Try It!

March 4, 2011

Cool, He’s Going to be Bilingual! Well, Maybe Not. “Oh, wie schön!” was the only thing my mom could say before she choked up and started to cry. Those were happy tears. I had called my parents in Germany to tell them that I was pregnant. My father’s first words were: “You better teach him […]

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Life is Sweet — Enjoy Every Moment

February 26, 2010

Yesterday I came around the corner and found this: Why is he wearing a birthday hat? Guess he just wanted to :) I wish looking at books in German would teach him more German! Raising a bilingual child isn’t easy. Feeling down? Having a tough day? Let’s change that: read this mom’s inspirational birth story […]

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The Joy of Raising a Bilingual Child

November 20, 2009
L bday smile

SMILE! Not, not like that! Aww, now I felt bad for having said something… Raising Landon to be bilingual in English and German is proving to be more of a challenge to accomplish than I thought. All you bilingual parents will understand what I am talking about, and I will go into more detail about […]

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