Vega One Muffins

June 23, 2015
Vega One muffins,

Vega One Muffins I literally just pulled these Vega One muffins out of the oven. I wish you were here to enjoy them with us! I bought a box of healthy muffin mix on sale at Target for $1.14, and Landon and I made them today. As always, I couldn’t help myself to make them […]

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Easiest Bread Pudding With Stale Bread & Ripe Banana

January 25, 2015
bread pudding with stale bread

We had a lot of stale bread in the fridge that had accumulated in a week or two, and instead of throwing it out or making croutons with it, I checked out Pinterest for recipes that include stale bread. I had to find a recipe that worked for the ingredients I had at home as […]

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Recipe: Easy Zucchini Banana Muffins

September 13, 2013

What to do with ripe bananas and extra zucchini? Bake my Zucchini Banana Muffins! They are easy to make and full of healthy ingredients. Plus, people who don’t like to eat bananas will most likely love these muffins. I remembered my zucchini bread recipe I hadn’t used in ages (look how little L is in […]

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My Dream Home: Impress Your Guests With These 7 Treats

April 21, 2011

{source} I love putting together my My Dream Home posts with the help of, and I accumulated a whole board of beautiful pictures of amazing cooking and baking ideas, like this raspberry cream cheese panini with Panera Bread. All of the following ideas caught my attention for one reason or another and would impress […]

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