We Attended the World Breastfeeding Challenge

October 7, 2009
bfing chal 7

When I heard about the World Breastfeeding Challenge, scheduled for October 3, 2009, I immediately knew I wanted to go. I’m up for a challenge! All over the world mothers would unite and latch on their children at the same time — what a great idea to promote breastfeeding! So Landon and I drove to […]

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Friday Favorites

September 26, 2009

I just found another great blog via Twitter — Daily Dwelling. Monica currently lives in Germany with her three kids, so of course that intrigued me. She runs a blog carnival called Friday Favorites, which is a list of favorite links you want to share with your readers. So here are my Friday Favorites: Natural […]

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Thank You Cards for Breastfeeding Moms

September 17, 2009

I woke up after falling asleep with Landon and here I am at midnight printing out “Thank You Notes” for breastfeeding moms. I just stumbled upon this site, Militant Breastfeeding Cult, and although I am so not a “cult” person, I was intreagued by the words “militant breastfeeding.” I guess that is me by now […]

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Extended Co-Sleeping

September 13, 2009
L sleeping 2

Since we moved, I have been sleeping in Landon’s new big-boy twin bed with him. And Daddy is sleeping on the couch. Our new bedroom needed to be painted, so we don’t have our bed set up yet. I think that is going to finally happen tomorrow, since I finished painting the trim today. Honestly, […]

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