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Wordless Wednesday With Linky: German School

February 11, 2014
Steiff teddy bears in cone

L was sick yesterday and I kept him home another day. This meant he went with me today when I finally checked out the German School I want him to go to once a week. As I haven written before, I’m failing to raise a bilingual child. Find out why: Raising a Bilingual Child: Go […]

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Our Fun Trip to Germany: Day 7

July 17, 2011

On our seventh day in Germany we walked to a kindergarten for a special celebration for the twins across the street. It was their last day in kindergarten and they were getting ‘thrown out” of kindergarten in a special ceremony. The building that now houses the kindergarten is where I went to bible study class […]

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A Sweet Surprise From Germany

April 3, 2011

Do you know what this means? Or this? This mean my mom sent one of her care packages from Germany. Full of German Hachez chocolate made in my hometown, Bremen. Being the recycling maven she is, she sent it in a box someone else had sent her and stuffed it with hay instead of that […]

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Wordless Wednesday — Learning German

March 9, 2011

Our local library has new touch-screen computers and the other day L and I were playing with them. We clicked on a program that reads to the kids and guess what, one of the options was to see the story in German! Since I’m struggling to teaching L German, we’ll be visiting more often now […]

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