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Dream Home Ideas From Interior Design Magazines #1

April 30, 2013

I promised to share more picture with you that I take of ideas I love in interior design magazines. Instead of taking notes when I flip through Country Living or HGTV Magazine, I just take Instagram pictures! So much faster. Inexpensive Lighting Fixtures I Love Gardening Ideas Things I Want to Buy Two of these […]

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My Dream Home: 10 Open Shelving Ideas For The Kitchen

November 25, 2012
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I’m in love with open shelving in the kitchen — but my husband Don is not a fan. {source} I really want open shelving in our next kitchen because I have a collection of pretty dishes that I want to show off and accessible without having to open doors. This is what Don prefers: {source} […]

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My Dream Home: 10 Ideas for Decorating With Neon Colors

July 20, 2012
ideas to decorate with neon colors

I have to be honest, when I found out that the fashion gods decided that neon was going to be this year’s trend, I cringed — big time. I’m not a fan neon colors. I didn’t like that trend when it was around when I was a teenager. Wearing neon? Neon finger nails? Not in […]

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My Dream Home: 10 Cute Window Seat Design Ideas

May 28, 2012
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I can see it: lazy summer afternoons, reading a book, coffee by my side… My Dream Home would definitely have a window seat. Or two. Here are 10 ideas for window seats for different rooms, different interior design ideas, and different design tastes — I’m sure at least one would work in your home. 10 […]

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