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Easy Gallery Wall With Vintage Embroidery Hoops

July 18, 2016
gallery wall with embroidery hoops,

Embroidery Hoops Gallery Wall My office redo is almost done! When Don and Landon were in Washington for three days last week, I decluttered and organized the office, added the big pinboard I made over with fabric and thumb tacka to one side of the wall, and created this gallery wall on the other side. […]

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5 Easy Ways to Add Storage to Your Kid’s Room

June 25, 2016
5 Easy Ways to Add Storage to a Kid’s Room

Let’s just assume for a second that you don’t live in a mansion. Like us. We live in a charming but small house without a basement that I lovingly call the Blue Cottage. There never seems to be enough storage in a kid’s room for all the toys, collections, trophies, and clothes, right? Let’s just […]

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Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck 2016

June 12, 2016
Country Living Fair Rhinebeck 2016

Vintage mason jars, rustic enamel ware, ironstone, farmhouse signs, well-loved linens, cottage decor… The Country Living magazine features all of this and more, and their pages are always full of wonderful inspiration. Reading Country Living is one of those little pleasures for me. So when the Country Living Fair shows up just an hour away […]

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IKEA Bedroom Makeover of Landon’s Turquoise Room

May 31, 2016
Kids IKEA bedroom makeover,

If you have ever visited our home, you’d notice what IKEA fans we are. We have IKEA furniture and home decor everywhere. And we might have about 10 IKEA plush friends. We mostly had antique furniture in the house I grew up in in Germany, but also some IKEA furniture, and I lived just 20 […]

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