My wonderful husband Don, yogi and finish carpenter, voracious reader, and amazing daddy. He calls Landon “sunshine beauty,” which I love. He teaches Landon about being a kind, generous, hard-working, well-read, athletic man every day without even realizing it.

Landon adores his daddy and they have a lot of fun on their outings. Landon loves to drive in Daddy’s truck, or get a donut with him, or watch his cousins play football or soccer. Don takes him for hours on end so I can blog (or wash my hair!) — thank you, Sweets!

The Bleasdale clan, so obsessed and talented when it comes to sports (Don was a quarterback in high school and college), will make sure that Landon grows into a fine young athlete — I am of no help in that department. I am so glad that I am part of this large, loving family that always helps each other out and enjoys spending a lot of time together (playing and watching sports :)

Don, I love you so.

One of my favorite CDs, Jim Witter’s “Forgiveness,” happens to have this song on it called “If He Put His Hammer Down.” The lyrics describe Don so accurately, hearing the song almost always makes me tear up. I admire my husband so much — he has been through so much in his life and does it with grace and never complains.

He was a carpenter — I was amazed
The things that my Daddy could do
With just his two hands and a little wood
A hammer, nails and some glue
And it hit me as I watched him working one day
What if he stopped and just turned away?
But he kept on swingin’ and sweatin’
And I thought to myself…

If he put his hammer down
Gave up and just walked out
We couldn’t have come this far
And we wouldn’t be who we are
Everything he went through
He just did what he had to do
And where would we be right now?
If he put his hammer down

He’d get home late about every night
Dinner’d be there on the stove
The lines on his face and the cuts on his hands
Were starting to make him look old
When I asked my Mama she said to me
He did it for love, unconditionally
And I knew he’d rather be doing about
anything else…
(Jim Witter/Steve Wariner) (C) 2003 Curb Songs

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