Cute Things My Son Says

This is where I record funny things that Landon said or did.


L: “Would you rather meet Obama or the Pope?”

Me: “Obama.”

L: “I’d want to meet the Pope. I want to be blessed.”


L: “Did you have toys, back in the olden days?”


L: “Sienna told Luke that she has a cross on someone.”

(Sienna is the little girl in his class he really likes.)

Me: “Oh, she has a crush on someone? Who does she have a crush on?”

L, whispering in my ear: “She said she has a crush on Landon.”

Me: “Oh, she has a crush on you? What do you do with that information?”

L: “I save it.”

L and I were talking and he motioned the sign for quotation marks and said, with a wink in his eye as if to let me in on a secret: “Four lines.”


L was hot and wanted to run around naked. L: “Pee pee, you’re going to have outdoor recess!”


L was afraid to go downstairs in the dark. He was chanting: “Believe in yourself, Landon, there are no monsters. Believe in yourself…”


I told L he would go with Don to vote.

L: “Are Obama and Romney going to be there?”


“Mama, am I going to open my eyes in heaven?”


L was looking through some business cards and asked me, “Which one is this one?”

Me: “That is a very old card that still has my maiden name on it from before I got married.”

L hands me the card: “You can keep that one, Mommy, so you always remember who you are.”


Me: “I bought you a few little things today.”

L without a beat: “I hope it’s not books.”


L: “Mom, the biggest animal in the world is a humpback whale. They hump people.”


L: “I’m hot from my mind.” Meaning he’s trying to process a lot – we had talked about him being in my tummy and getting born.


L was carsick: “I have dinosaurs in my tummy.”


Me: “Do you think you look more like Daddy or me?”

L: “More like Daddy, but I still love you.”


L and I were sitting on the sofa and he wanted me to switch the TV to a show he liked.

Me: “Just a minute.”

L: “But that’s going to waste power!”


L: “Mommy, why does my nose make so many boogies?”

Me: “Ugh… Let’s ask Dr. P the next time we see her.”

L: “Why?”

Me: “Because she knows a lot about how our bodies work.”


Me: “Why do we wash out hands, Landon?”

L: “To get rid of the germs.”

Me: “That’s right. And what do germs do?”

L: “Uh, they eat your teeth.”

ME: (smiling) “No, sugar bugs eat your teeth. Germs make you sick.”


L: “We don’t say “shut up” or “stupid.”

Me: “That’s right. But please don’t even say it like that.”

L: “I’m just telling you how not to say it.”

Me: “Aha.”

L: “I’m just telling you to annoy you.”

Me: (smiling) “I see.”


“Mommy, I got the blackberry paint on your bed.”

“You got the blackberry juice on the bed?”

“It was an accident.”

Sure enough, some blackberry juice was smeared on the sheet.

“Landon, I’m not happy that you got the juice on the bed, but thank you for telling me so I can fix it.”

“And when you do something wrong your parents still love you.”

“Yes, I might get a little mad, but I’ll always still love you. Thanks for telling me.”

“And thanks for fixing it, Mommy.”


L and I were driving in the car and talking about being smart.

L: “I’m getting more smartest every day.”

Me: “Yes, you are very smart, and you’re getting smarter every day. Is mommy smart as well?”

L: “You’re on the list.”


I see L peeing on the bathroom floor out of the corner of my eye.

Me: “Didn’t make it?”

L: “No, I was just killing the ant.”


In the middle of the night, L blurted out in his sleep: “Burps are like farties!”

I don’t know where he heard that since we don’t say “farties” LOL His older cousins?


In the car:

“Landon, are you spitting?”

“No, I’m singing.”

I guess he was rapping :)


L says “yellow” for the first time instead of “lello”; This was one of the last words he had difficulty with, and I’m going to miss his “lello”!


Landon says “hospital” for the first time instead of “hostible.”


“Mommy, you’re going to hit the shower?”


Landon to Don, while pretending to be a policeman: “I can’t help you, Daddy, because you don’t have a problem.”


I was explaining to L what belly buttons are. He says: “Like snowman, they have three.”


We were listening to music in the car when L said: “My ears are hearing trombones. My ears like trombones.”


Don and Landon are playing in bed, they are on an adventure.

Don: “Where are we?”

L: “In college.”


L wanted me to take a bath with him. L: “Come on, mommy duck, take a swim!”


L didn’t want to go to school. While I was buckling him into the car seat, I was explaining to him that I don’t always want to go to work either but that I need to work so we can buy food, and clothes, and toys.

L: “And a helicopter.”

Sure, that’s next on our list.


“Landon, what do you want for dinner?”

Landon: “A golden egg.”

Uh, sure, coming right up.


Landon ate the three malt balls I had given him.

He said he couldn’t share them with me because: “They are only for boys.”


Landon couldn’t wait to open Grandma’s gift for his 4th birthday the following day.

Landon: “Look, mom, it says: ‘Open now.'”


Landon hands Don his Blackberry and says: “I didn’t touch anything! I only touched this button.”


I told L I didn’t have the energy to make muffins.

After his nap he walked out of his room, still all sleepy and his hair sticking up, and asked without a beat: “You got energy NOW?”


L wanted me to join him in the bath tub and so I did.

While washing my hair, I explained that I’m using conditioner.

Landon’s comment: “And we have one in the living room.”

Ha! I had never made that connection before.


Landon: ” I don’t stink so.” LOL!


“Mommy, my daddy wants some water, you need to help me!”


Landon: “You have a pain in the butt. I don’t have pain in the butt.”


Landon this morning: “You go to the meeting and Daddy be delaxing here at home.”

Oh, really?


L: “You have to say ‘abre’ and I’ll open the door.”

Me: “Abre.”

(L pretends to push buttons, I open imaginary door)

Me: “Thank you.”

L: “Any time. See you again tomorrow.”


Me: “What color is that?”

L: “Lellow.”

Me: “Yes, yellow. Can you say ‘yes’?”

L: “Yes!”

Me: “Great. Can you say yellow?”

L: “Lellow!”

We are working on it :)


Landon saw a graveyard today while in the car with Daddy.

L: What does that do?

Don: People who died are lying in the ground there.

L: I can help them get up.


Me: Love, you are soo tired. Time for sleepies.

L (rubbing his eyes and yawning): I am not tired! I’m just yawning.


We were watching the closing ceremony of the Olympics when L suddenly yelled and pointed: “That Apolo! That man eat his vegetubles!”

(LOL! A few weeks ago we were watching a special report on Apolo and he was seen eating broccoli, which prompted me to say: “See, Landon? Apolo is such a great athlete and he is so fast on his skates because he eats his vegetables.”)


L is all about witches right now (Dora and Wizard of Oz influence)

“There is a witch in the tower and a little pince!” (prince)


Me: “Please don’t eat that snow, there is mud on it.”

L: “And when we eat mud we get sick and then we have to go to the hostibul.”


Landon: “You are welcome.”

Me: “No, you are welcome, bug.”

L: (concerned) “Me’s a bug?”

Me: “No, you are not a bug, I just call you bug, my little buggaboo.”


L was sitting on the toilet while Don was in the shower. “Are you okay in there, Daddy?”


“Landon, what are you up to?”

“Something good.”


Me: “We are going to see C. and J. at the library, isn’t that going to be fun?”

Landon: “And cheap!”

I had to laugh so hard — it was so fitting! L knows his frugal mother :) But I think this was most likely kind of an accident; I think he’s too little to have made this remark on purpose.


Landon: “Where did the moon go? Who ate the moon?”


chop-chop or chep-chop: ketchup

L insists this is what it’s called when I correct him. He has inherited his mom’s ketchup addiction!


Me: Are you a boy?

Landon: No.

Me: Are you a girl?

Landon: No, not yet.


Landon today: “I want to eat the moon!” (after he said, “I want to eat the poopy!”; and I told him that he couldn’t.)


Landon today: “I am a funny boy.” Yes, you are, my love :)

new funny words/expressions:

he sings “Kinkle, kinkle” instead of  “Twinkle, twinkle”

“Come on!”


everything is “two minutes” now — “Wiggle two minutes” etc.

Some more pictures:

Little doll, 3 weeks

Little doll, 3 weeks

Little Buddah, 4 months

Little Buddah, 4 months

Almost 1. Yummy!

Almost 1. Yummy!

Kissing fishies with Sophia

Kissing fishies with Sophia

Let's get mommy wet!

Let’s get mommy wet!

Little sailor

Little sailor

1 1/2 years

1 1/2 years

Almost 2!

Almost 2!

Just giving this binky thing another try. No, not for me!

2 years old!

2 years old!

Landon loves playing the guitar and can’t stop bothering the cats!

His “Germinglish” as Don calls it, is getting better every day.

He says Tuer (door) and Auto (car), but peace (please) and sank yu (thank you).

My favorite one is icucul (icicle) and ot meow (oatmeal)!

Here are some older pictures :)

Pregnant bliss in Santa Barbara, 2006

Pregnant :)

I love this picture, Don and Landon's first time alone.

I love this picture. Don and Landon’s first time alone.

One day old! Halloween 2006

One day old! Halloween 2006

Getting to know each other...

Getting to know each other…

Love that Maya wrap...

Love that Maya wrap…

Sand on the feet for the first time!

Sand on the feet for the first time!

Ready for New York!

Ready for New York!

My two men

My two men



Arnie is fun!

Arnie is fun!

On a plane for the first time!

On a plane for the first time!

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Helen Spencer January 12, 2012 at 3:16 AM

So funny. My son told me last night that he loved me ‘one hundred and twelvety and a half and to infidgety’. I decided I couldn’t beat that and told him so.



Jennifer December 21, 2011 at 1:51 AM

I LOVE all the little quotes from Landon you have. It’s SO great to document all the little things he says. One day we’ll be so incredibly happy we did! He’s a doll.


Evan Ashenhurst January 12, 2011 at 1:51 AM

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL my wife has come into my office FIVE times asking what i’m laughing about

the best part, i always use to say “hostibul” too and my mother spells it the same way!!

thank you for making my ribs hurt from laughing so much!



Jennifer November 8, 2010 at 3:54 AM

So CUTE! I love love love all the cute things kids say. They used to have a show about it and I would watch the reruns as a kid. Even as a kid I loved the crazy things kids say.

I like the “Lellow” – and now say “Yes”. That is hilarious!


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