Save Money And The Environment With The EkoBrew Filter

by Dagmar Bleasdale on August 19, 2016

Green Gate Coffee mugWhat’s your morning routine?

This is how I start my day: with a cup of coffee.

Usually I brew my first cup while I also make breakfast for Landon. Don is out of the house by then on most days.

EkoBrew filter

Today I actually sat down with a decor magazine I brought back from our trip to Germany after I dropped off Landon at summer camp. What a treat!

IMG_8086 (6)

After the first cup, I usually start to work, answer emails, make a second cup, work some more, and make another cup before I pick up Landon from camp or school.

I brew about five cups of coffee every day but only drink half because the coffee is cold before I can look up from my computer.

Green Gate coffee cup

I’m lucky that I can work from home as a blogger, but that also means crazy work hours, and I usually work again after I get Landon to bed, often until 2 am (I know, I’m trying to break that bad habit.)

Caffeine doesn’t affect me much, so I make the last cup of coffee around midnight. I always joke that getting through college would’ve been so much easier if coffee would keep me awake.

I have a Keurig® machine, and the one thing that saves me from spending a fortune on K-Cup® pods is my EkoBrew filter I’ve been using since I got my Keurig.

EkoBrew Filter

EkoBrew saves you money, lets you choose your own coffee, and — best of all — lets you make a huge impact on being environmentally friendly. It’s coming to Walmart in September.

The extra costs of K-Cup® aside, being environmentally friendly is my first priority: I couldn’t stomach the idea of adding hundreds of K-Cup pods to our landfills.

EkoBrew Filter

I alone would be adding 140 plastic cups and aluminum tops to landfills in just one month!

Filling your own favorite coffee in the EkoBrew saves the pod packaging waste and the packaging the K-Cup pods come in.

Plus, K-Cup® packs are expensive. You save up to 70% on your coffee costs using the filter.

A $10 pound of coffee yields servings costing 20 cents each, compared to 70 cents for each K-Cup. That means savings of around $350 a year!

More info:

  • compatible with Keurig, Mr. Coffee, Cuisinart and Breville machines
  • all filters are Made in USA
  • not compatible with Keurig B30, K130/B130, K155/B155, K145, K3000/B3000, Mr. Coffee® BVMC-KG5 or Keurig Vue®

Do you want to try an EkoBrew filter?

Giveaway: Enter to win one $250 Walmart Gift Card!

That would pay for an EkoBrew filter and a ton of your favorite coffee! Good luck!

EkoBrew K-Cup

Acorn Disclosure

{This is a sponsored post. Opinions are all my own.}

EkoBrew Filter

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Diane Westbrook August 23, 2016 at 7:44 PM

Wow, what a wonderful idea…I keep putting off making coffee as I am alone and it would be such a waste….so am very grateful to hear about this new product..Ekobrew!! I will look for it in Walmart and then start enjoying coffee again. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! I really enjoyed looking at your photos of your trip to Germany. I was there several years ago, but just for two days. So much to see and I loved it all…Diane


Dagmar Bleasdale August 25, 2016 at 9:36 PM

Thanks for your comment, Diane! The EkoBrew filter is the best! Americans throw out millions of those plastic pods – and they won’t go anywhere for a long, long time :(


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