Zarbee’s Naturals Cough Soothers Harness the Power of Honey

by Dagmar Bleasdale on April 12, 2016

Zarbee's Naturals Cough Soothers

The weather here in New York has been very odd this winter — we only had snow twice — and this spring hasn’t been any different.

After many unseasonably warm days, we got snow again!

We are back in our winter clothes after I put most of it away.

I’m not surprised to have an irritated throat after all those changing temperatures, plus I haven’t been sleeping enough because I’ve been busy writing my first ebook.

After three nights in a row of just five hours of sleep, I was due for not feeling well, I guess.

Thankfully, our house is usually stocked with fresh fruit, vitamin C, and Zarbee’s products so we can deal with all of these issues.

I’ve written about the awesome Zarbee’s products several times over the years, and they are definitely my go-to products for seasonal wellness.

You might already know that honey is a wonderful natural way to soothe your dry throat, hoarseness, and cough.

Zarbee’s now makes it super-easy and convenient to get rid of that tickle in your throat with their new 99% Honey Cough Soothers.

Zarbee’s Naturals Cough Soothers

Zarbee's Naturals Cough Soothers

When Dr. Zak Zarbock couldn’t find effective, chemical-free products to keep his family healthy, he created his own that include handpicked natural ingredients.

The Soothers combine a special blend of honey with natural menthol and peppermint flavors — and leave out processed sugar, artificial flavors, and artificial sweeteners.

I have them in the kitchen, in my purse, and on my bedside table so I can always pop one in my mouth when needed, especially at night when I cough more.

Zarbee's Naturals Cough Soothers

They are great for the whole family, age 5 and up, so even Landon can have these when he’s coughing.

I like using natural products that harness what nature has to offer and has been used for hundreds of years, like honey.

Alexander McQueen said it best: “There is no better designer than nature.” I couldn’t agree more.

It’s nice that Zarbee’s Naturals Cough Soothers make it so convenient to soothe our throats with honey wherever we are, even on the go — and we can avoid the sticky mess honey can make.

Check out their Twitter and Facebook pages for coupons and helpful tips to stay healthy.

What are your favorite ways to stay well?

{This post was brought to you by Zarbee’s Naturals. All opinions are my own. I hope you’ll enjoy these products as much as I do.}

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Jennifer April 15, 2016 at 3:57 PM

Hi Dagmar,
I hope you feel better. I am in the same boat. I was healthy all winter and the last few days I have had a stuffy nose, cough and sore throat. Are you kidding me? It’s finally spring and I’m in sick LOL. Anyway, enjoy this beautiful weather we have in store for the next week!!


Dagmar Bleasdale April 16, 2016 at 10:00 PM

Hi Jennifer, hope you feel better by now!


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