How To Throw A 50th Birthday Party on a Small Budget (3)

by Dagmar Bleasdale on February 3, 2016

Tips about how to throw a birthday party on a budget! Find all the tips and tricks on,

Throw a Big Birthday Party on a Small Budget

I was able to throw my husband’s 50th birthday party on a small budget for 25 people in a pretty venue for just $500! Depending on your kind of party, you could even do it for much less.

For Tip 1 on how to get the venue, music, and flowers for less, go here.

For Tip 2 on how to get the food and birthday cake for less, go here.

50th birthday party on a small budget,

3. Tips: Tables and Chairs, Tableware, and Party Decorations

If you can, decorate the venue yourself, and with things you already own.

Click here for a free printable:

Cheat Sheet to Plan a Birthday Party on a Budget

Tables and Chairs:

I had a huge room to work with and had to somehow make it feel comfortable and inviting for 25 people.

Thankfully The Lodge room comes with folding tables, nice chairs, and three little sofas, but that’s all. I had to bring in everything else.

If you don’t have enough folding chairs, ask your friends and family if they could bring some when they are coming to the party, or if you could pick up the ones they have beforehand.

If you need folding tables, I bet you know people who have one or two and will get enough together for the party.

Linens, Tableware, and Balloons:

blue tableware, 50th birthday party on a small budget,

I wanted the room to look really elegant with linens that match, but you could obviously use tablecloths you already have, borrow some from family or friends, or buy very inexpensive plastic ones at a dollar store, party store, Christmas Tree Shops, Big Lots, or a similar store.

One tip: decide on one color or two for your color theme, and then buy all of your supplies in that color. I decided on dark red and silver.

I did the math and renting the linens I needed would have cost $100, so I decided to buy five pretty table linens at Kohl’s instead (with one of their 30% off coupons).

I also bought six simple throw pillows in the same color than the tablecloths at Target for the three sofas in the Lodge room I was using that I then reused in our home afterward. This is most likely an expense you can skip.

50th birthday party on a small budget

For the tableware, and balloons, and a 50 sign, I went to a party decor store  — with a coupon in my hand — but you can find a lot of these items also at a dollar store.

I bought silver paper plates at the party store, and we used Grandma’s real silverware. That made for a much easier cleanup, yet it looked classy thanks to the real silverware.

Buying a few sets of golden or silver plastic silverware only cost a few dollars at the dollar store.

Instead of bringing my water and wine glasses, I bought 30 clear plastic cups that work for water, juice, and wine.

I opted for the simple $1 balloons instead of the ones that cost up to $10 each. You can get the same deal at most dollar stores.

Landon was thrilled to help me bring the balloons to the car. He was a big help on all my trips to pull this party together.

For extra decorations for the room, I packed up and brought what we already owned:

  • flameless tealights and candles
  • two small suitcases that I made into a “coffee table”
  • seasonal decor (pumpkins)
  • vintage silver tea kettles and cups

Since a baby and a toddler were going to be at the party, I even brought toys Landon had outgrown so they’d have something to play with, and after the party I let them take them home.

This is what the room looked like in the end. I was so busy running around organizing the party and hosting our guests that I only have a few iPhone pictures.

50th birthday party on a small budget,

My 50th birthday party budget:

  • Panera Bread food (sandwiches, baguette, mac and cheese, coffee/tea): $270
  • Trader Joe’s (salad, water, juice, cakes, cookies): $50
  • Party decor store (plates, cups, birthday cake candles and number, balloons): $50
  • Kohl’s (5 table linens, I used 30% off coupon): $50
  • Target (ice bucket, ice, and 6 pillows): $80

My total cost to host a 50th birthday party for 25 guests: $500

It took a lot of time to organize everything and then to decorate the room, but it was so worth it.

Landon helped me unload the car and we put up the tables together one day, and we made the run to Trader Joe’s, Kohl’s, Target, and Party City together.

On the day of the party, I did the rest of the decorating with his help. We finished just in time, I threw on my dress, and we all had a wonderful evening celebrating Don’s big day.

When it took seven people 45 minutes to take down the decoration and pack up, everyone got a sense of how much work had gone into making this party happen, but it was a labor of love for me and I’m kind of proud that I did all the decorating myself.

Organizing a 50th birthday party on a budget can absolutely be done! I hope my tips help you to save a ton of money.

Don’t forget to get your freebie!

Click here for a free printable:

Cheat Sheet to Plan a Birthday Party on a Budget

I’ve made throwing your own DIY party on a budget super easy for you. Do you prefer shopping online? Here are the products you’d need for your party:

For Tip 1 on how to get the venue, music, and flowers for less, go here.

For Tip 2 on how to get the food and birthday cake for less, go here.

Do you have tips for planning a birthday party on a budget? Share them with us in the comments!

50th birthday party on a small budget,

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