Brunch at the Historic Hotel Bethlehem in Pennsylvania

by Dagmar Bleasdale on August 30, 2015

Historic Hotel Bethlehem in Pennsylvania

If you read my Wordless Wednesday post, you already know that we spent one night in Pennsylvania to celebrated Landon’s cousin’s birthday — with a very creative Minecraft party.

After that, we slept at their house for one night, and the next day we all went to a lovely brunch at the historic Bethlehem Hotel.


Brunch at the Historic Hotel Bethlehem in Pennsylvania

Historic Hotel Bethlehem in Pennsylvania

It was built in 1922 and is Lehigh Valley’s premier hotel, located in the heart of the Historic National Landmark District. The building is lovely on the outside and on the inside.


There were so many people at the brunch, many dressed up for this special occasion, but I took pictures after we were done, so you don’t get to see how packed it was.




We ate in the Mural Ballroom, and there was also this pretty room, overlooking the water.


I ate a lot of Brie and other cheese, eggs, and salad. For dessert, I sampled some of their little cakes, and fruit. Our waiter took great care of us and brought more coffee several time. I probably had three cups, with sugar and skim milk.


This was the special table for the kids, and L had two servings of the mac and cheese — plus several donuts.


The boys had fun checking out the rest of the hotel all by themselves for the first time — the big ball room and the ice cream store downstairs — while we adults had a nice time chatting during the brunch.

We all left with very full bellies.


Here are the boys in front of the hotel.


This is the separate entrance to the ice cream shop and the gift store. This cute cow greeted us in front of it.


I couldn’t take the best picture of the ice cream store because there were people eating in there, but it’s definitely worth a stop. The decor is very Scandinavian, mostly in white, and very inviting.


Right across the street is a famous book store, the Moravian Book Shop, which was established all the way back in 1745!

Since we only have a couple of book stores left in our area and are book store deprived, we of course checked it out.


The store is packed with books and a gift store, and right next to it is another large gift store with gift and home decor and sweets, plus a coffee shop.



How cute are these chocolate labs and black cat truffle chocolates?!


I couldn’t help myself and bought these champagne flavor jelly beans I had never seen before. They are delicious!


historic Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


We strolled down the street a little more, and then it was time to head back home. It takes about three hours to get back to Westchester, NY, from Bethlehem, PA.

On the way through New Jersey, Don found the perfect restaurant for dinner: the historic Grain House in Basking Ridge, NJ.

The Grain House restaurant, New Jersey

In 1768, a local miller built a water-powered grist mill and barn, and both played a big part in the Revolutionary War. Washington stayed there! You know me, I eat up everything that smells of antiques and history, so I felt right at home in this setting.

The Grain House restaurant, New Jersey

The historic Grain House in New Jersey

The Grain House, New Jersey

I enjoyed the Grain House salad with a glass of sweet Zinfandel wine.

The Grain House salad, The Grain House, NJ


If you ever make it to Bethlehem, PA, or Basking Ridge, NJ, the Bethlehem Hotel and the Grain House are two places you absolutely don’t want to miss.

Do you have a favorite spot in Pennsylvania or New Jersey? Let me know, so I can check them out the next time I’m nearby!

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Barb August 30, 2015 at 5:20 PM

Greetings from Manheim,Pa. I’m sure you’d feel right at home here! Barron Von Stegel settled this area, a glass blower. My last name, Diffenderfer, maiden name Groff, was Goff. I live on Shumaker Rd. Very much enjoyed your trip home! Thought you should know,and you might already know , your son, sitting on the bear bench,is sitting on a Nitttany Lion, of Penn State fame! Living in the middle of Lancaster Co. and many Amish, my stepmother grew up speaking Pa.Dutch and I learned a little. Keep up the GREAT work!


Dagmar Bleasdale September 1, 2015 at 7:50 PM

Dear Barb, thank you for your comment! I’m glad that I now know about Nittany Lion and more about that area. We visited Lancaster Country 3 years ago and I absolutely loved learning more about the Amish, being German.


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